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Monday, March 26, 2012


Although I am a huge fan of Google products, I always try to instill in my students that there are other search sites that may help them faster, and better than doing a Google Search. I often direct them to a list of resources I have found useful to my students (click here to see the list). InstaGrok is new on my list and I am really excited to show my students. 
InstaGrok finds age-appropriate multimedia content via mind maps, video, images, quizzes and more. Teachers can follow student's searches and collaborate with the student via a journal or even use the search page as an introduction to a unit using a projector in your classroom. Registration is free and InstaGrok is free to use! 

Watch this quick video for an overview of  InstaGrok and click here to read a brochure on InstaGrok. Sign up for a free account to check out all that InstaGrok has to offer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lessonopoly was a new site that I heard about this weekend. Lessonopoly is a free site to find and share lessons plans and to collaborate with other teachers. A search for a lesson on fractions came up with 76 different lesson plans! What I like about Lessonopoly is the ability to edit and revise the lessons to tailor them to your needs (and also that it's free!) :)  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Say It!

Says-it is a fun site to make posters for your website or classroom. Just select  any of their many signs (they have a bunch - McDonald's, Jeopardy sign, Movie Theaters...) and type in your message. You can order the signs from the site, or download to your computer and print them out yourself. Fun way for students to make character ed posters for the hallways or your classroom - or for you to "announce" special events going on in your class. Try it out!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Read Works

ReadWorks is one of those sites that after you get lost in it for a bit you cannot believe it is free! ReadWorks is a nonprofit site that is devoted to helping children learn to read, specifically - reading comprehension.  They have hundreds of lessons and support material that are aligned to State, core reading programs, and Common Core Standards. You must register (for free) to access all of the site's features. The site can be a little overwhelming so click here for a great introduction on how to get started with the lessons. Also, many of the pages of the site have tutorial videos to help explain the lessons and goals. K-4 can click here and 5-6 can click here for videos explaining how to teach the lessons.
Even if you don't use the lessons, there are fantastic resources embedded within the lessons that may be helpful. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Write-N-Ator

The Write-N-Ator is a great site from New Hampshire Public Television. Best for grades 4 and under (for older students see below), the Write-N-Ator shows you a quick video from WordGirl and then offers a short writing challenge for the student to complete and submit for online publishing. This would be a great center exercise for those classrooms with only one computer for the students to do a fun, interactive writing assignment.

For older student writing prompts see past blog posts:
The Writing Fix 
Boom Writer

Monday, March 12, 2012

Draw a Stickman Episode 2!

Draw a Stickman Episode 2

From Cool Sites From

Recently, I did a review for the game, Draw a Stickman. Click here to play the game. Now, from the makers of Draw a Stickman comes....Draw a Stickman Episode 2!
  Same idea - draw a stickman - or woman- and watch all the trouble it gets into and out of! Best part of Draw a Stickman is taking a break and being creative for a little bit. Have fun playing Episode 2!

Friday, March 9, 2012

YouTube Without all the Junk

Ever want to watch a YouTube video in class but you are afraid of what may come up? In the past I have used to get rid of all the ads and "suggestions" for other videos. But, many times I don't have time to go to another site. Here is a quick trick I learned from @markbrumley.

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