Sunday, April 1, 2012


Learning about Jamestown? Our third grade teachers are! Here are two great sites to infuse into your Jamestown unit.
The first is from National Geographic Kids, On the Trail of Captain John Smith is a fantastic transmedia site that blends story, games, and "choose your own adventure" all in one! Best used as a whole class with an interactive white board or a projector. Once finished, have the students demonstrate what they learned by pretending to be John Smith and sending a postcard home from Jamestown explaining everything that happened to him and what it is like to live in this new colony!

The second site is also very interactive. The site, by History Globe, transports you back to 1606 as a Jamestown settler. You need to make the same decisions that the Jamestown settlers faced, you even get the opinions of Native Americans, Colonists and the Charter to help you. The best part, at the end you get a report of your choices. It will also tell you what we now know about the decisions that the settlers made and how they could have made better decisions.  Just like the first resource, sending a post card home would be a fun, quick way to assess the students understanding of the content learned.


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