Monday, March 26, 2012


Although I am a huge fan of Google products, I always try to instill in my students that there are other search sites that may help them faster, and better than doing a Google Search. I often direct them to a list of resources I have found useful to my students (click here to see the list). InstaGrok is new on my list and I am really excited to show my students. 
InstaGrok finds age-appropriate multimedia content via mind maps, video, images, quizzes and more. Teachers can follow student's searches and collaborate with the student via a journal or even use the search page as an introduction to a unit using a projector in your classroom. Registration is free and InstaGrok is free to use! 

Watch this quick video for an overview of  InstaGrok and click here to read a brochure on InstaGrok. Sign up for a free account to check out all that InstaGrok has to offer.


ms mheng said...

this i really a great site. thank you for sharing... :)

Caren MacConnell said...

Glad you like it! :) Caren

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