Sunday, February 12, 2012

President's Day Sites

Here are some great sites in incorporate Presidents'  Day into your lessons.
I love this site! Students select their cabinet, try to balance the budget, then they need to write a news brief on why they made the choices they did. At the end a newspaper is generated that reports on how you are doing as president. Great for a quick Literacy lesson. Best for grades 4+.

Fraboom - Who Is That President? - I love the site Fraboom (click here to read a review I did on it on my other site, Match the president's name with their portrait. 

 Secrets of Presidents - Select a president and learn a little known fact about them. You could assign a president to each child and they could share a great fact during Morning Meeting. If you want a harder site for older students, try this interactive presidential site.

Need resources for younger students? Click here for Abraham Lincoln resources. Click here for George Washington resources. 

This site allows you to create your own Presidential Seal. 


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