Monday, October 10, 2011


Who: Wordle

What: I love Wordle! Wordle takes what you type and makes the words into beautiful word clouds.  I just used it with all of the third graders in my district and they really enjoyed it.We made "All About Me" Wordles and not only were they pretty to look at (they look so nice lining the 3rd grade hallways in our school) but it was a great lesson in typing and how to "copy and paste."
Click here for tutorials and ideas on how to use it. If you are in my district, send me an email - I would love to come in and do a lesson with your students using Wordle!
Caution: - Do not post to the Gallery or allow students to view the Gallery. Gallery Wordles are not filtered and there could be inappropriate words. Wordles  on the home page are always safe to view. 


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