Thursday, September 15, 2011



WHAT: This looks like a fantastic game for learning about the American Revolution!Players become a 14 year old boy (Nat Wheeler) who is leaving home (Uxbridge, Massachusettes)  to become an apprentice in Boston in the winter of 1770. Along the way, students will have to select Nat's actions in the game. Throughout the game, Nat meets various people along the way, from poets and slaves to Paul Revere. Depending on the choices the player makes, Nat will end up either being a Patriot or a Loyalist. The great part of the game is that the players will learn both sides of the story leading up to the Revolutionary War. 
Throughout the game, players collect "Smart Words" and items that help enrich their learning of the period. There are also a TON of resources (great primary source links) and lesson plans in the "Teacher Section" to go with the game.

Why: Mission U.S. is a great way to enrich a unit on the Revolutionary War. 

HOW: You will need to set up a teacher account. Once you do, your students will log in with a code. Once they are linked to your teacher account you can see how far they have gotten in the game and what vocabulary words they have collected. When you go to play the game - computer lab would work best -you may want to have the students bring in ear buds so it doesn't get too loud or distracting since students will be at different levels. Working in pairs would also work nicely. (Indian Hill Teachers - just email me and I will help you with the set-up if needed.)

Here is a great video overview of the game and how to set up an account. 

This video shows Mission U.S. in action in a classroom.


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