Thursday, June 30, 2011

Game Up!

What: BrainPop's new Game Up! 

When: Before or after a lesson on a related game topic; make the game the lesson.

How: I have been waiting for this site. This year I was asked by BrainPop to test their games in Beta. My student's loved them and so did I!! BrainPop has always had k-3 games, but with Game UP, they are branching into the middle school realm. What I love about it is the games are challenging - they will really make your students think and process the concepts being presented. BrainPop has organized the game section to also correlate with their videos - a whole lesson can be made around one of the games by introducing the concept and vocabulary they will need to play it via the videos which are found either below or next to the game, then let them play the games! 
I recommend playing the games before you introduce them to your class. Some games need student direction as to what you want to solve. You will love them! 
Have fun and let my know how you like BrainPop's new Game Up!


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